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Guest Post – Lisa Newhouse from Kicks Count

At Kicks Count, a stillbirth prevention and awareness charity based in the UK, we are incredibly lucky to have loyal supporters who help us raise awareness and funds in a variety of different ways. Since 2013 a group of passionate supporters have been raising funds in a pretty non-traditional way, by recycling their every-day household rubbish.

This is, of course, brilliant for numerous reasons. These groups and individuals are without a doubt “doing their bit” for the environment, making their own positive impact towards protecting our planet and keeping their waste out of landfill. All of this is made possible by an innovative recycling company called Terracycle, who have become a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste from our homes and workplaces.

All products they collect are not recyclable by their regular council bin collection and would ultimately end up in landfill. Instead, Terracycle clean and melt the waste they receive into hard plastic that can be remoulded to make new recycled products – you can find out more about the finished products at

As an incentive, they donate to charity for every item received too. In order for a donation to be allocated collectors need to save up a minimum amount of items by weight before sending, to reduce the negative impact that lots of small shipments would have environmentally. Collectors are also encouraged to actively collect within their local areas and become drop off locations for anyone wanting to contribute.

Thousands of pounds has been donated to Kicks Count by Terracycle in the last five years, simply because of the supporters who have chosen to do the right thing with their waste.

So, what can be recycled?

There is a surprising amount of items that can be recycled via Terracycle collectors, here are just a few of the more popular waste streams available:

The pladis Biscuits and Snacks Recycling Programme

  • Any brand of biscuit, cracker and cake wrapper

The Colgate Oral Care Recycling Programme

  • Any brand of toothpaste tubes and caps
  • Any brand of toothbrushes
  • Any brand of toothpaste cartons and toothbrush outer packaging
  • Any brand of electric and battery toothbrush heads

The Walkers Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme

  • Any brands of crisp packet

The Garnier Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Programme

  • Flexible single use mask packaging
  • Flexible plastic wipes packaging (used for personal care)
  • Plastic pots and tubes (used for personal care, such as skin scrubs)
  • Personal care and beauty product packaging caps, pumps and trigger sprays
  • Plastic roll-on deodorants

The Whiskas Pet Food Recycling Programme

  • All wet pet food pouches
  • All pet treat flexible plastic packaging and pouches
  • All dry pet food flexible plastic packaging

The Febreze Air and Home Care Recycling Programme

  • All brands of flexible wipe packaging used for home cleaning
  • All brands of pumps and camps from home cleaning products
  • All brands of plastic air freshender packaging
  • All brands of plastic bottle caps and plastic trigger heads

Rebecca Pullen, based in Kent, has been an active collector for many years.


“I started raising funds for Kicks Count back in late 2013 after my daughter Victoria was born prematurely at 34 weeks. Having had an otherwise perfect pregnancy, the only sign that something was going wrong was her movements reducing. I went into hospital for observation and whilst there her placenta came away (placenta abruption) and I had an emergency section. We were told shortly after that if this had occurred outside of the hospital environment, neither of us would have survived. It’s so important that mums to be are in tune with their babies movements and seek medical help and advice if they have any concerns at all about their foetal movements.


Skipping forwards to now, there is a growing Kicks Count Recycling network where supporters from all over the U.K. collect various types of items which can be recycled from Kids food pouches to beauty items; clothing to stamps and so much more! The money generated goes directly to Kicks Count and in the process helps towards safeguarding the environment for future generations by keeping items out of landfill which can be used for another purpose.


We welcome any volunteers who wish to join us, either in collecting your own items and passing them on or by setting up your own hub. I, for example, help lead the stamp campaign with another collector Rebecca Ruler where we are aiming to collect 50kg of used U.K. or international stamps this year (equivalent to 260,000 stamps), however I pass on my other items of recycling to a local collector who has scope to offer more recycling options. Any contribution with collecting, whether it’s one stamp or a collection, one item or 100 – everything makes a difference.


Please join the network for more information at: ( and for more information on our stamp challenge (“

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