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Environmental funerals: Creating forests full of love

forrest landscape

Aside from creating lists of our ideal funeral music, our funeral plans are something that we rarely really consider. The idea of “once I’m gone, I’m gone” means that the environmental impact of a traditional funeral often goes overlooked. I have to say that I had never really thought about how my death would affect…

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Flip-flops: Throw away fashion

flip flops on the shore

I could safely argue that if any of us looked in our wardrobes there are probably a pair of flip-flops languishing in the bottom, a long-lost memory of a trip somewhere hot and sunny. Although, given the current heatwave, many readers have probably dug them out and are wearing them as they read this article.…

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Single Use Plastics – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

plastic in the seas

When Blue Planet 2 hit our screens in October 2017 the majority of viewers were aghast at the levels of plastic pollution in our seas. The images of albatrosses feeding their chicks plastic which they had been dutifully collecting for the previous three weeks made many of us seriously reconsider our use of single use…

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