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Guest Post – Lisa Newhouse from Kicks Count

At Kicks Count, a stillbirth prevention and awareness charity based in the UK, we are incredibly lucky to have loyal supporters who help us raise awareness and funds in a variety of different ways. Since 2013 a group of passionate supporters have been raising funds in a pretty non-traditional way, by recycling their every-day household…

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Damaging effects of electrics – Guest Blog Post

electricity pylons

Damaging effects of electrics. Electricity is a commodity we take for granted every day of our lives, we walk in turn that magical switch on at the wall and our lives are lit up, so simple yet so damaging for our environment. There have been fantastic innovations in the electrical industry in the last decade,…

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Single Use Plastics – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

plastic in the seas

When Blue Planet 2 hit our screens in October 2017 the majority of viewers were aghast at the levels of plastic pollution in our seas. The images of albatrosses feeding their chicks plastic which they had been dutifully collecting for the previous three weeks made many of us seriously reconsider our use of single use…

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