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About Us

Reverse The Tide aims to make a difference to the local community and environment we live in by increasing awareness amongst businesses and local communities of the impact of products and services we use and where they go when we've finished with them.   The Reverse The Tide brand has been heavily adopted within the water sports community and we continue to build on our ethos of reversing the tide in respect of the damage we have done to both the environment (both land and sea) and ourselves as part of the modern way of life.

Reverse The Tide

Reverse The Tide started life as a business magazine filled with articles to help businesses grow with confidence!  However, the Reverse the Tide logo caught people’s imaginations and a significant number of water sports enthusiasts fell in love with the branding, the name and ethos.

A pair of flip-flops were produced as a fun promotional item, and the rest is history as they say.  A photo of the flip-flops went out on social media as a bit of fun and people started to ask where they could buy them – not just in the UK but in Australia as well.  The branding really has that “watersports”, “beach” appeal and so the new merchandising brand was born.

The business magazine was rebranded as Steer Your Business and became a separate operation, meaning one crazy idea suddenly became two. Steer Your Business Magazine is continuing to go from strength to strength and is growing into a supportive global online community of business owners facing similar challenges across multiple industries. Every month in our Members’ Port we provide you with an inspiring, exciting, and powerful bundle of content to help people build their businesses with confidence.

reverse the tide flip-flops

Business Details

C/O CH Accountancy,
35 Sandyhurst Lane,
TN25 4NS