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Damaging effects of electrics – Guest Blog Post

Damaging effects of electrics.

Electricity is a commodity we take for granted every day of our lives, we walk in turn that magical switch on at the wall and our lives are lit up, so simple yet so damaging for our environment. There have been fantastic innovations in the electrical industry in the last decade, and it still does not seem to be enough to get these emissions down. Every year targets have been set and unfortunately have not been meet, not because of electricity solely, but because of growth in our country. With housing estates, industrial and commercial estates, which is great. Growth is great but at what cost?

In 1952 there was the great smog of London which killed in the region of 4000 people, and this then led to the clean air act of 1956. Which encouraged our friends over the pond to build central park to deal with similar issues. So, this isn’t a new problem as history tells us and if we don’t learn from our mistakes then we are just destined to fail.

We need to move forwards with how we do our daily tasks and make drastic changes before the planet is ruined, not for you or me but for our children and their children.
I love taking my daughter to the beach, I love going in the sea with her and just enjoying what life has to offer. But every kg of carbon changes the Ph level of the sea, making it more acidic. This is effecting the crustaceans, and by effecting, I mean dissolving them, and as they dissolve they in turn change the acidic level, and so the cycle begins, bye-bye beach.

Now every living thing on this planet has the same thing in common we hurt, we bleed, and we heal. So, if we stop hurting the planet it will heal. If we keep ignoring this, then the planet will simply ice up and yes good luck surviving that.

So, what can we do?

Fossil fuels need to be cut out completely. Look at gas boilers for example, almost every house has one, so every house is burning fossil fuel. Now let’s look at an efficient boiler which will create 180grams of carbon per KWH per house and there is approximately 27 million house and 80% will have gas so that is 4,050,000kg per KWH of carbon. These figures are if every boiler is efficient which we all know they are not.

The industry is in a position where this complete system of gas dependent heating can be removed. Rointe and other manufacturers have now released low consumption electric boilers and heating systems which consume less then 1kw to heat half a house.

Gas, oil and coal power stations need to be decommissioned, solar panels should be compulsory on all new builds. I’m not a great believer in wind turbines but they create less carbon so keep spinning, and the one that no one wants to hear but is by far the most productive, nuclear.

Now all those people out there who want to slam nuclear, your happy to choke the planet?

I do agree nuclear is dangerous, but it is dangerous because like everything built now days it is driven by greed! What’s the best way to make savings on a project then to drop that safety switch you’ll never need to use or let’s use this non-spec material as its 90% cheaper. Build them and build them properly and in locations where the environment won’t have an adverse effect like earthquakes or flood plains.

Look at what your consuming there are lots of companies out there like mine, who want to help you lower your emission and improve our environment. Act now please before we go past that point of no return.

Robert Murphy
Director for Polarity Electrical Systems ltd

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