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Reverse The Tide aims to make a difference to the local community and the environment we live in by increasing awareness amongst businesses and community residents of the products we use and where they go when we've finished with them.#reversethetide#sustainability

Our aim is to educate and share information about our environment and how we can improve it for everyone.  Although “everyone” is a massive audience, knowing more about the world we live in can only be a good thing and help us all make more informed decisions about the products we use and the damage they can do to our surroundings and beyond.

Reverse The Tide aims to help support those who are looking to make a change in the way they live and also to help bring others on board so that everyone does their bit in whatever way they can.  Every small change has an impact somewhere, whether it be coast or country or even further afield

Help Us Reverse The Tide

Guest Post – Lisa Newhouse from Kicks Count

December 11, 2018

At Kicks Count, a stillbirth prevention and awareness charity based in the UK, we are incredibly lucky to have loyal supporters who help us raise awareness and funds in a variety of different ways. Since 2013 a group of passionate supporters have been raising funds in a pretty non-traditional way, by recycling their every-day household rubbish. This is, of course, brilliant for numerous reasons. These groups and individuals are without a doubt “doing their bit” for the environment, making their…

Damaging effects of electrics – Guest Blog Post

November 10, 2018
electricity pylons

Damaging effects of electrics. Electricity is a commodity we take for granted every day of our lives, we walk in turn that magical switch on at the wall and our lives are lit up, so simple yet so damaging for our environment. There have been fantastic innovations in the electrical industry in the last decade, and it still does not seem to be enough to get these emissions down. Every year targets have been set and unfortunately have not been…

Environmental funerals: Creating forests full of love

August 1, 2018
forrest landscape

Aside from creating lists of our ideal funeral music, our funeral plans are something that we rarely really consider. The idea of “once I’m gone, I’m gone” means that the environmental impact of a traditional funeral often goes overlooked. I have to say that I had never really thought about how my death would affect the environment. Wood for coffins, brass for the fixtures, the chemicals used to preserve the body, the mining industry required for memorial and headstones, it…

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